Your Local Community Food Bank

 Mission: To provide assistance to those in need in our community in an impartial and dignified manner. We will provide supplemental/emergency food, Salvation Army prescription vouchers once a year, and telephone health and welfare checkups via our tele-care program. We will work with other human service agencies in our community to ensure that we are prepared to offer the best possible assistance possible and assist wherever possible in not only improving lifestyles, but striving towards independence from the need for assistance.  


Medical Safety Net of N Whidbey

PMedical Safety Net of North Whidbey is a charitable organization providing immediate temporary assistance with urgent uncovered prescription drug costs to people living in zip codes 98277 and 98278.  Description: This small fund is supported by the donations of your friends, neighbors and local businesses, and administered by volunteers.  In order to meet the needs of as many people as possible, we set limits on how much assistance is available to any one individual over the course of a year. 



Mission statement: To advocate with compassion for victims of domestic and sexual abuse, educate the public about such forms of abuse, develop programs to help prevent abuse in the future, and provide leadership in the community on issues of concern to women, men and children.